Why Notes?
To document employee performance and conduct in real-time, inform and provide feedback, and to be reminded later.

Real-time Feedback


What if your employees were kept aware of the supervisors observations of their conduct and performance in real-time?

Supervisory Empowerment


What if your supervisors had a means of documenting their observations into a unified digital platform?

The MakeNOTE Solution


MakeNOTE is a specialized software solution designed from the ground up to streamline the employee documentation and feedback process.


Retention Done Right

Every note has a life span. MakeNOTE guarantees that your organization’s information retention policies are adhered to.

Information Availability

There are no more questions about where employee documentation is stored and how to access it. The notes that supervisors need are always at their fingertips.

Organizational Continuity

When an employee moves to their next assignment, documentation travels with them so their new supervisor can pick up where the previous one left off.


When a note is made on an employee, they can be notified and given the opportunity to add their thoughts.

With MakeNOTE’s comprehensive configuration options, a variety of business process models can be supported. From workflow modeling to customer specific organizational structures and no menclature, MakeNOTE is fully capable of supporting the complex needs of organizations large and small.

About MakeNOTE

MakeNote is a web application with a responsive, mobile-friendly user interface. You can host it on your organization’s own servers to keep your sensitive human resources data on-site. Hosted SaaS MakeNOTE is being prepared for release early in 2016.

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